Sunday, March 31, 2013

Data Diary #2

Data Visuals : Dreams unlimited!!

Visuals are there everywhere, from primitive AjanataEllora caves to the huge Bulletin board of the metropolis. As some cultural theorists say, we live in the world of images. And it is un-disputable that images speak fancier than words, if not louder. And as days progress, data is becoming more and more ubiquitous and visible in all the quadrants of life. It is not that all these data has been born into our networks all of a sudden. Instead, we are becoming more and more conscious about the possibility of sharing and transforming the data. 

Hence these two universes are colliding and co-creating a new paradigm called data visualization. By the time you analyse the thoughts, you can visit the below page to know the mushrooming tools in the data visualization space. This shows the demand in this space. Periodic Table of Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization is a field with exciting features and powers in Web Intelligence. Web Intelligence is slowly transforming the Business Intelligence space all together. Data Visualization as a strategy stands very much coherent to IBM's thought of simplifying life. Gone are the days when we need the expertise of complex queries to mine the data from huge data stores. Now the imperative is to leave the complexities to a selected few data scientists and to empower the rest of the world to focus on the beauty of the data. By the time I finish this introduction on data visualization, at least some of us may be started exploring or experiencing in our daily work or social media life. 

In Public internet we come to see its capabilities through tools such as Klout, Cloze, Vizify, Orange etc.Thus Social Business is no longer confined to the interfaces of text analytics and streaming hash tags. It has become more intuitive and info-graphic in nature. Image analytics may be a tough ask for the present computing circuits. But any day, we can see it happen. Visualizaton need not be confined to data alone as meta data can also be visualized. At then end of the day, only your imagination is your boundary!

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