Monday, April 15, 2013

Data Diary #3:

Network Equipment Providers's (NEP) and Next Generation Content

We have already witnessed the wonders of streaming media and video streams. Now comes the real time video streams. At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress, Peter Linder,VP, Fixed Broadband and Convergence, Ericsson speaks about how much Ericsson is enthusiastic about the possibility of live and multimedia content in mega sporting events such as FIFA World Cup, Olympics and so on.

Ericsson Speaks on Next Generation Content

This speech is a pointer to the direction in which Network Equipment Providers must be moving. This is nothing but out of the realization that Voice communication networks can no longer be the only revenue generator or business value accelerator. Voice -Data convergence, Content explosion and the entrance of traditional NEP's in this ecosystem opens up interesting possibilities of competition in the content aggregation and content analytics space.

Already we have a lot of players in the content aggregation and content analytics space. How can NEP's leverage their experience and infrastructure to create new opportunities and user experience ? And that is something worth study.

+Gokul Alex 

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