Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What ‘light loving moths’ forgot to tell you about ‘experience design’

‘Light loving moths’ and the world of design?, why this weird comparison! Yes, you may be thinking for a while. As we know there is a common belief that moths, flies, beetles are attracted towards light and that leads them to their unfortunate miseries at the candle light. When we understand that it is by their sheer inability to understand the circular light emitting behavior of the artificial light, these little insects fall prey to the candle fire and other hazards caused by artificial sources of light. Those insects are actually in search of the moonlight that has a constant angle of radiation. 

This occurrence in nature often reminds me about the hypes of nurturing and manufacturing customer experience design. Primarily design has two layers; one physical and second ideological. When physical layer of design act as the necessary act to optimize the functional and material aspects of the subject matter or the object manifestation, ideological layer act as the force that can create a demand or customer appeal beyond its actual capacities. Hence when we make all sort of fuzz about design, design thinking, truth in design we should understand the layer in which we are applying our design efforts and logic.