Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My article in IBM Mobile Insights: Three mathematical innovations for mobile data analytics

Mobile Signal Reflector by Wapster.
Shared in Creative Commons license
Mobile data analytics has become the business driven for various digital experience measurements and front office strategies. As mobile becomes the next enterprise ecosystem for global economy, minutest of the mobile data and its trends influence the executive decisions and customer satisfaction. Mobile device management is also overlapping with mobile data management in more number of ways. In this situation, a data science without business value discovery cannot enable the mobile enterprise. Mathematical sciences has the capability to bridge the vaguest of the problems with the most daunting challenges of the day.

Three mathematical innovations to transform mobile data and analytics:
In this article published in IBM Mobile Business Insights blog, I am exploring the role of cognitive, advanced learning and quantum physics in building big data analytics engines that can meet the contextual and the transient nature of data problems and algorithmic challenges. These are not technical revolutions alone, rather the realizations built on the strength of mathematical constructs and clarity.Read more and join me for an exciting discussion:

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