Friday, November 1, 2013

How an MIT Tutorial for School kids can revolutionize cloud computing?

In search of a new topic on cloud and the various perspectives of cloud, I was going through various communities, wikis and internet for sometime. Somewhere I found the history of cloud, somewhere on the implications of private clouds in defense sector. Interesting, but not enough!
I went ahead in quest. Somewhere I found the coinage ‘Cloud plus Data’. 

Then I started hunting this keyword in Google. A few results down, I saw the link: Wiki.Scratch!: 

Wiki.scratch? This title intrigued me. Out of sheer bewilderment, I went on to read the page. The wiki page speaks about a newly developed programming language for kids and a data type called cloud data there. The surprise ended there. But the idea of ‘Cloud Data type’ persisted with me. Recently I had read about the concept of temporary social media in the MIT Review Blog. It was described as one of the top ten disruptive technologies for the year 2013. MIT Technology Review.

Temporary Social Media is a concept where content self-destructs itself to enhance the privacy of online communication and make people feel freer and be instantaneous in the world of internet. It can even be a minimal control to the current data explosion. Connecting the dots, I just began to think why can’t we think of a system of programming where cloud based variables and data types be used to create a temporary social media. Thus cloud can become the birthplace for a new mode of social media. 

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