Thursday, August 29, 2013

Digital Front Office: The Enterprise Social Bus for Digital Economy !

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.’
(From the famous quote of Lao-Tze)

If we have a time machine that can watch every customer 24× 7 like the above words, it will be one of the most resourceful devices for the social business and digital consumer! How does Customer Experience Lab realize Digital Front Office innovations? What is digital front office for you: A social business hub or customer experience laboratory? … Either ways, you are right! Digital front office is a multi dimensional platform for your business needs. 

We strive to analyze, predict, and transform customer experience through a deeper understanding of customer’s thoughts, words and action. ‘Digital front office’ is the convergence of all the techno social efforts in this perspective. The synergy of social, mobile, cloud and big data innovations is realizing this perennial dream of world markets and business leaders a real social business story. The ubiquitous smart phones, spontaneity of analytics, pervasive social media and the cost effective cloud solutions have made today’s consumer truly digital. Thus the new age digital consumer expects a digital front office in the transactions and experiences. 

Realizing a digital front office requires the right mix of business and technical innovations to the life of customer. At the IBM Customer Experience lab, researches and business innovators work in tandem to envision the world class customer experiences. Located at the T.J. Watson Research Center, with additional virtual collaborators around the world, the IBM Customer Experience Lab is a partnership between IBM Research and IBM Global Business Services. 

When digital front office is a significant business value accelerator (BVA) and primary innovation hub for better digital consumer experience, at the same time it is a virtual window to the world of social business. Social Business thrives on the mobilization of social capital and new social identities. Thus a digital front office can watch the real time trends in social fragments and social identities through various modes of analytics. Innovations like ‘transformative analytics’ are progressing in this trajectory. From media and entertainment industry to micro finance institutions, we can see vivid and variant models of social business. 

A digital front office strategy with an evolutionary and adaptive approach to customer experience analytics(CEA) can realize social business platforms with global market reach and solid growth potentials. This is where IBM Customer Experience Lab meets next generation market dynamics.

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